2.4A USB Charger Adapter| 2 USB ports | Auckland

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Type: 2 USB Ports Charger
Input: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz 0.2A.
Power rating: 21 W.
Output: DC 5V 2.4A(total max)
Material: Flame retardant PC

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Earldom USB Charger Features

First of all, this usb charger is made of high temperature resistant and flame retardant PC material.
It is portable so just need this one charger when you go out for travel.
In addition, it has three USB Ports and total max output 2.4A.
Furthermore, it is a smart identification equipment, appropriate allocation of current there for it can protect your devices and save your time and .
Since the output DC is 5V, it is compatible with almost smart devices.
Finally, the input AC100-240V so many countries can use including New Zealand.

earldom-charger-2 usb charger
earldom-charger-3 usb charger
earldom-charger-4 usb charger
earldom-charger-5 usb charger
earldom-charger-6 usb charger
earldom-charger-7 usb charger
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earldom-charger-9 usb charger

As with most other successful technologies, USB has spawned several versions of connectors and cables over the years. USB chargers do not always work as advertised and charge times are slow. Incompatibilities between competitive systems exist, willingly or by oversight.
Companies overseeing USB standards are aware of the shortcomings and brought out the type-C connector and cable based on the USB 3.1 standard. Rather than using four-pins as in the classic type-A and type-B, the type-C connector has 24 pins and is reversible. Meaning it can be plugged in either way. In addition, it supports 900mA and, on command, delivers 1.5A and 3.0A over a 5V power bus while streaming data. In Conclusion, This results in 7.5 and 15 watt power consumption respectively, as opposed to 2.5W using the original USB. The type-C can go up to 5A at 12V or 20V, providing 60W and 100W respectively).
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